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The Villa Tropez team is planning a ‘Mediterranean Wellbeing Way’ experience for an international group of well-travelled guests. 

On this upcoming July retreat, spanning the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this Saint Tropez to Sardinia group retreat will explore the ancient secrets of longevity and vitality. Specialising in Mediterranean anti-oxidant health & wellbeing, we’re curating an adventure full of health, gastronomy, and wellness experiences, starting by the beaches of southern France, exploring the Mediterranean Wellbeing Way, and the Blue Zone of Sardinia. 

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Blue Zone Magic

Sardinia, a designated Blue Zone, is where time slows down, and mindful lifestyle flourishes. Here, centenarians thrive, their secrets woven into the very fabric of the island. As our guests explore these sun-kissed shores, they’ll breathe in the essence of longevity, through the fresh Mediterranean air, the local nutritional gastronomy, & wellbeing experiences on offer.

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Antioxidant delicacies along the Mediterranean Wellbeing Way

Retreat Highlights

Our journey begins at Villa Tropez, Saint Tropez over a July long weekend. Wellbeing sessions on the fisherman’s villa terrace & the beach of La Ponche will greet the sunrise, then throughout the days .. culinary explorations through Saint Tropez & countryside locals, accompanying carefully compiled meals & tastings , to suit all tastes & dietary requirements.

Our wellbeing equipment is ready for use – SUP, yoga & pilates equipment, during the times we’re not wandering the fresh food markets & learning of the south French culinary traditions. In Saint Tropez we’ll snorkel amidst seagrass meadows & coral, only footsteps away from Villa Tropez, and gently work our core strength on our Stand-Up Paddleboard.

Then we travel to Sardinia as a group. Our Sardinian retreat itinerary dances to the rhythm of Sardinia. Morning yoga sessions on the beach will awaken our senses as well as a gentle salt-infused dip in the pristine sacred marine park of Tavolara. Afternoons over the five days are reserved for exploring the Sardinian retreat & its private beach – with a full size tennis & pickleball court, wellness equipment, and chillout zones. 


Saltwater Therapy: Saltwater heals, rejuvenates, and connects us.  In Sardinia we’ll paddle across mirror-like bays with the bottomless kayak available at the retreat, exploring the protected Tavolara Marine Park the retreat villa is situated on.

Soul Food from Saint Tropez to SardiniaThe Grand Aioli tradition of Saint Tropez has a symbiotic relationship with the Sardinian diet … a symphony of simplicity. At both destinations we’ll savour sun-ripened tomatoes & Mediterranean vegetables full of antioxidant goodness, drizzled with golden olive oil & garlic creme, as the waves serenade us. Locally sourced produce – olive oil, whole grains, wild herbs, & fresh seafood nourish both body & soul. 

Wine & WisdomWe’ll be diving into Sardinia’s Blue Zone secrets, learning from centenarians secrets.Sip anti-oxidant rich beverages, whether its local juices, or the Cannonau wine—the ancient elixir of Sardinia. Conversations flow like the wine, weaving tales of resilience and community bonds. 

La Dolce Vita: Sunset feasts await us. Candlelit tables laden with fregola grilled octopus, pecorino cheese, & platters of antioxidant vegetables. Each bite carries centuries of tradition. Vege/vegan, dairy/nut/gluten free options available.  Wandering cobbled streets, gelato in hand. Made in front of our eyes – pistachio, myrtle berry, or honey—each scoop whispers tales of sun-kissed orchards and laughter-filled piazzas – a sense of community and peace, bonding over a treat during our retreat experience.Yoga Saint Tropez La Ponche

Options of Saint Tropez seaside yoga, or the wellbeing cave at Villa Tropez with yoga equipment onsite

We can’t wait to experience this soul-stirring voyage with our guests, starting here at Villa Tropez. Some of our guests who are joining us for this Saint Tropez to Sardinia experience have joined us on previous retreat voyages across France, Bali, & the beaches of Australia, and we can’t wait to host again in the south of France and explore Sardinia. The Mediterranean breeze will carry us toward wellbeing, one sun-kissed moment at a time. 

Like the sound of this? Let us plan your private retreat for you and your family and/or friends, whether a short Saint Tropez escape, a longer South of France retreat experience, or a wellbeing voyage around the shores of the Mediterranean. Contact us here at Villa Tropez – the home of Retreats.

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