With such an alluring story, the international magazine features Villa Tropez in their recent issue. As soon as they clapped eyes on a faded farmhouse near Saint-Tropez, Katrina and Christophe Denoux knew they had found a diamond in the rough. The magazine discovers this unique Provence paradise, and reveals how this jetsetter’s retreat came about, in all its St Tropez glory.

This chic Riviera resort of Saint Tropez was first discovered during the post-war boom years, les Trente Glorieuses, when it became the haunt of hip movie stars of the Nouvelle Vague and fashionable Ye-ye pop singers, and then the summer destination of choice for the wealthy jet set of the 1960s and ‘70s. Through careful image management the resort has succeeded in maintaining its exclusive appeal up to the present day. Villa Tropez nods its head to these origins, with period features remaining throughout the farmhouse origins. Enjoy the article in full.